Rohit and Ravina decided to portray the riches of their culture at their Alpheton Hall Barns wedding. So, their celebration included an abundance of vibrant colours in combination with the rustic charm of the rustic barn wedding venue. The unique and sparkly fusion of hues created a stunning setting for the memorable union. And our videographer’s bridal film depicts the lively atmosphere that wakens up everyone’s spirits.

The Beautiful Setting of The Alpheton Hall Barns Venue

Rohit and Ravina’s traditional Indian wedding took place in one of the most beautiful barns in the Sudbury area. Since their culture is known for the extraordinary blend of colours, they needed something to go perfectly with this arrangement. In other words, they needed a spot that would not overshadow their customs’ vibrancy. And the Alpheton Hall Barns offered all they needed for their Indian celebration!

Vibrant Traditional Attire

The highlight of this cultural wedding was the guests’ breathtaking attire. Rohit and Ravina wore spectacular Indian clothing characterised by vibrant colours. The bride wore a sparkly white gown, heavily embroidered and embellished. To complete her look, she chose exquisite jewellery, and the stunning henna designs on her hands complimented everything seamlessly. The groom wore an embellished Indian suit, known as a sherwani. In addition, he completed his look with a turban and a type of Indian sword.

Wedding Details  

Rohit and Ravina’s barn wedding included several speeches given by the wedding party. Most of them were emotional but with a dose of humour. The guests could not hold their laughter! The night continued with a lot of dance, cheering, and of course, laughs. 

Creating a wedding film for a cultural wedding comes with a generous amount of excitement and thrill. Our videographer had a wonderful time working with Rohit and Ravina while making their memories. And from the video, you can see that their Alpheton Hall Barns celebration was truly a spectacular experience.

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