With all preparation and extensive planning, your wedding day has finally arrived, and you have just opened the weather app to be surprised to see the forecast going from sunshine to dark-clouded showers. We get your emotions because you wish the celebration to be perfect, especially regarding bad weather on your wedding day. 

Firstly, take a deep breath and try not to panic. While we all want weddings with the perfect setup, the right weather conditions, and everything to go as seamlessly as possible, you may encounter last-minute emergencies. The weather these days is so unpredictable that even on sun-kissed days, we do end up a little drizzle. So, if you are soon getting married and are expecting rain on your wedding day, we have a solution for you. 

bad weather on your wedding day

How to deal with bad weather on your wedding day

As a team of photographers, we have come across several such stances and are well aware of how to deal with bad weather on your wedding day and be prepared in advance.

  • Check weather conditions

Firstly, it is essential to have a clear idea of what weather conditions will be on the wedding day. So, ideally, we recommend checking the weather app at least one to two weeks in advance. It can help you come up with a backup plan for some of the ceremonies or rituals that can be planned indoors.

  • Be ready with Plan B

Even if you expect good weather on your wedding day, you should still be ready with plan B. For this, we always recommend going to a venue with indoor and outdoor options. You can always set up a clear tent or glasshouse or move the dance floor inside if it rains. 

reception - bad weather on your wedding day

  • Protect your Bridal outfit

Brides usually spend a lot of time choosing the perfect wedding outfit, so protecting it is a priority. It is therefore advisable to stay indoors as much as possible. Also, for photoshoots, try and choose an area where you can easily stay away from the weather.

  • Create fresh decor ideas

If it looks like you have bad weather for your outdoor wedding, think about how to recreate a natural setting. Flowers will be the key, so ensure you talk to the florist. To avoid getting beyond budget, you can request arrangements with lots of foliage, which is typically cheaper than blooms. In addition, you may look for other natural elements to create cool outdoors, such as wooden seating.

  • Have a flexible wedding schedule.

If there are any last-minute predictions for bad weather on your wedding day, try to be flexible in changing the timings. You can postpone the event till the rain stops.

  • Keep vendors updated

As the wedding date approaches, pay attention to the weather forecast for the venue’s area. If it looks like rain, and there is no time to change it, you need to let the vendors know immediately. Many of them have their pre-wedding to-do list, and a change in the overall plan could complicate their tasks. So, the sooner they are in the loop, the more seamless the celebration will be.

  • Keep your guest informed.

Depending on how the rain changes, your vendors are not the only people who need to be notified. So, if you have pushed back your plans or made amendments to the ceremony for a few hours till the storm passes, don’t forget to inform your guests. They should be informed that the event will start a little later. You can ask your bridal party to help send out text and phone calls or even make an announcement on the wedding website or social media to alert everyone. 

  • Double check walkways

It is worth checking that the walkways to the venue are safe for the guests when they’re wet. For example- if you are experiencing rain on your wedding day, you can source some non-slip material so the guests don’t have to walk directly on the wet grass. Similarly, you can ensure plenty of mats at the entrance for guests to brush off their shoes easily.

  • Keep waterproof makeup

Every bride knows that rain can cause havoc on their beauty routine. The smeared foundation, dripping mascara, and smudged eyes can really be a hot mess. Just ask for your makeup and hairstyles to give you a gorgeous, weatherproof look. Instead of long, wavy, beachy waves, you can opt for romantic braids or an elegant updo. These styles hold better in the rain than keeping your hair loose. Alternatively, you can opt for waterproof mascara and waterproof makeup. The best part? It won’t ruin even if you cry during the vows.

  • Weatherproof your shoes.

Even if you are not expecting bad weather on your wedding day, it is worth tweaking your shoes to ensure you don’t slip, especially when you are walking around the venue. You may look for stick-on protectors for an extra grip so the soles don’t sink into the wet grass. Also, if you expect heavy downpours, it might be worth investing in wellies for any time you plan to spend outside. You can always change into your wedding shoes once you are inside.

  • Consider umbrellas

It is a nice gesture to always include umbrellas for your guests. That is relatively simple if you are planning a small wedding. Therefore, you can buy a lovely design for each guest, which can work well as a wedding favour. With a larger guest list, the cost will definitely go high, so you can also opt for budget-friendly options. 

Alongside umbrellas, consider offering blankets or shawls to keep your guests warm and dry. These thoughtful touches would reflect your care for the guest’s comfort and make them more likely to remember your day more fondly despite the weather’s inconveniences.

  • Embrace the weather

This is by far the most important thing you can do on your big day. So many couples have high expectations for good weather on the wedding day. And why not? They have been dreaming about it for years and want it to be perfect. The rain can pack a big punch into those expectations, but trust us, this one emotion should not ruin your day. If you find yourself down, take a minute to remember the great things about the day. Your family and friends have come together to celebrate your new beginnings. So, without wasting a single moment, celebrate and make every moment count. 

Lastly, rain may be an inconvenience on your wedding day, but it is also time to take it as an opportunity for some stunning and romantic photographs. Rain always adds texture and depth to your photos, so it’s all about turning them into moody and memorable art pieces. We recommend you discuss with your photographer ahead of time to come up with a unique, creative rain plan. Ideally, we suggest using clear, stylish umbrellas for cute props, as they offer better visibility and add a modern touch.


With this, we conclude the essential tips on preparing for bad weather on your wedding day. If you have any specific questions, you are always welcome to reach out to us. As a professional photographer team, we can handle all your photography requirements. It will be an honour to help plan your day as you have envisioned.