Nicola and Lee offered their guests a thrilling time at their fun-filled Bury Court wedding. Their union took place amid the beauty of rustic charm and came with spirited energy. Therefore, there was not one person who stood still at their bridal celebration.

The Spectacular Bury Court Wedding Venue 

Nicola and Lee decided to exchange vows and celebrate their love at the Bury Court. The venue’s famous slogan goes with the words “Somewhere between heaven & earth”, and for a good reason. Namely, you can find the Bury Court wedding venue in the countryside amid long fields covered with lush greenery. It is a place where dreamy unions come true, so it is not a surprise the couple chose it. 

Scenic landscapes and picturesque vistas surround the outdoor part of this barn wedding venue, making it the ideal spot to say “I do”. Moreover, this setting is complemented by the outer appeal of the barn. The weathered beams and rustic bricks give this whole scenery a unique appeal and create an inviting atmosphere. Nicola and Lee admire these kinds of settings, so they could not imagine marrying elsewhere.

Intimate Ceremony 

The couple had an intimate outdoor ceremony with their closest family and friends. After that, the celebration continued with a riveting celebration inside the barn. The indoor area of the venue consists of rustic elements adorned with twinkling string lights. The ambience of their barn wedding matched the decor perfectly. 

Unique Bridal Details

Nicola and Lee wanted simple details, so they chose white floral arrangements and green decorative branches. However, these subtle ornaments were accompanied by cowboy features, which were a real hit. The bridesmaids wore cowboy boots and hats, which gave the union true authentic features. The bride wore a magnificent white gown but did not miss the chance to join her girls with the cowboy details. 

Nicola and Lee’s Bury Court wedding had some tremendously fun features, so our videographer had an amazing time capturing the special moments. We are truly honoured that this lovely couple trusted our team with their big day!

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