Who says that celebrations of love have to be the epitome of glitz and glamour? Sometimes, all you need is the ones you love the most gathered together to celebrate life’s most precious moments without all the extravagance. Catrina and Phillip’s casual wedding at St. Nicholas Park in Warwick, UK, was living proof of this! They wanted to make their love official in a laid-back setting, which is exactly what they did. The result – nothing short of fantastic! Let us show you how everything went down!

Catrina and Phillips's casual wedding at St. Nicholas Park in Warwick, UK, was one of the most relaxing experiences ever! Take a look at this laid-back celebration!

A Casual Wedding Like You Least Expect It!

As wedding photographers, we’ve had the pleasure of shooting all sorts of non-traditional weddings, but this one was a knockout of the park – no pun intended! Catrina and Phillip opted out of the hassle that usually follows these kinds of celebrations. For that reason, they aimed for something intimate and heartwarming. Still, because this was a major life event for them, they wanted their casual wedding to be documented. Thus, they hired us to capture all of their sweetest moments. As soon as we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised at how unconventional celebrations of love can get. Talk about a fun couple! 

The Lovebirds, The Loved Ones, And A Photographer

After making their love official at the Warwick Registry Office, Catrina and Phillip headed out to St. Nicholas Park in Warwick to celebrate this milestone with their loved ones. Despite the unconventional tole, they still included a few staples in their casual wedding – with a twist! Catrina wore a beautiful off-shoulder gown, while Phillip looked dapper in his navy vest. 

Their friends and family were already gathered in the park, and they looked as if they were on a picnic. Some guests were even barefoot! After a couple of toasts, we headed out into the heart of St. Nicholas Park in Warwick to capture their photos. Just like their casual wedding, the photography followed suit. They were all smiles and being silly with each other. However, once they pulled out their customized jean jackets, we knew we were in for a treat! Once the portraits were out of the way, we joined the rest of the party, where we had a truly spectacular time. Simply put, this is one of the most relaxing weddings in Warwick, UK, we’ve ever been to, and we couldn’t be happier!

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