Overlooking the Dordogne Valley, the Chateau du Doux is one of the finest French chateau wedding venues for many reasons. In essence, the Chateau itself is a historical building. It was originally built between 1904 and 1906, after the designs of the famous architect Jean-Louis Pascal. Then, 12 years ago, the Young family bought and restored this castle. This resulted in becoming one of the most romantic venues for a French wedding. Alice and Dylan were in awe of the beauty of this stellar French chateau and decided to get married amidst the magic. 

Bienvenue At The Chateau

Even though this was a destination wedding at a French chateau, Dylan wanted to make sure to honour his Scottish roots. In addition to the dapper traditional kilt, he also shared a glass of the finest Scottish whiskey with his closest gents to ease the wedding jitters. On the other hand, the Chateau du Doux bridal room atmosphere was much more elegant. Alice and her gals took their time perfecting their looks and taking the most lovely photos. Once all the details were set in place, Alice was ready to begin a new chapter in her love story. Her dad, looking as handsome as ever, was waiting for her to walk her down the aisle.

Moments Of True Love

Alice and Dylan’s destination wedding ceremony at a French chateau was held behind a magnificent backdrop of the lush countryside. The setting blended perfectly with the surroundings as the couple didn’t choose extravagance. Instead, they opted for simple yet elegant details that painted the perfect picture of harmony. After their touching vows and happy tears, we trailed the grounds of the Chateau du Doux to capture iconic portraits. We then proceeded to the glamorous reception space, where everyone had the most fantastic time, and the newlyweds bid their final adieu under a row of glimmering sparks. All in all, this is a French wedding that we’ll remember for a lifetime!

If you’ve liked the pictures you’ve seen in the blog, you may consider booking this French chateau wedding venue for your celebration of love. And if you want someone to capture the magical moments of your special day, call us, and we’ll make it happen!