The New Flying Horse is a quaint country inn in Wye, near Ashford. The inn is best known for its delectable dishes and authentic Kentish ales and is renowned for its hospitality. Additionally, it’s also one of the most unique Kent wedding venues! Emily and Jack noticed the special allure of the place and decided to have their countryside wedding at the inn on a rainy July day. 

The Preparations and Gorgeous Ceremony

The inn provided rooms for the couple so they could get ready. In addition, the rooms were great for having pictures taken before the start of the wedding. Once everyone was ready, the bridal party met the guests at St. Gregory and St. Martin Church in Wye. Here, the couple got married in a traditional ceremony accompanied by organ music. As the couple walked out of the church, the guests showered them with flower petals. Afterwards, they continued to walk down the street to the New Flying Horse, the reception venue. 

Cocktail Hour

The wedding party was greeted at the Kent wedding venue with champagne and cocktails, and soon, everyone was mingling and chatting along. We captured many spontaneous shots showing that everyone was having fun despite the rain. In fact, the umbrellas served as great photo props!

Iconic Reception

The reception tent shielded the wedding attendees from the rain, and once everyone was inside, the celebration took a full swing.  The flower decorations and the funny props were great additions to the pictures – even the food arrangements were picture-perfect! The music drew everyone to the dance floor, and the guests and the newlyweds kept showing their killer moves throughout the day. While words are not enough to capture the splendid time we had here, look through the pictures to get a sense of the atmosphere at the wedding and see more of this fantastic Kent wedding venue!

For couples looking for unique wedding venues, the New Flying Horse should definitely be a top choice. If you loved how we captured the day and are looking for a wedding photographer in Ashford, Kent, do give us a call!