Cocking Village Hall is one of the most beautiful halls we have ever visited, with nice interiors featuring incredible timber roofs. It is where we have photographed several countryside weddings, so it always holds a special place in our hearts. We love how many of our clients have embarked on their new beginnings here!

Countryside wedding at the Cocking Village Hall in Midhurst

A Creative Couple

Francesca & Daniel had their outdoor countryside wedding filled with laughter at the Cocking Village Hall. The stunning wedding venue in Midhurst, Sussex, is embraced by nature, which is beautiful for holding ceremonies, especially if you are into DYIng, and not adhering to stringent rules. Our wonderful couple, Francesca & Daniel, are very creative, so they decorated uniquely. The good thing about Cocking Village Hall is that you get weekend access, meaning you can easily set it up the day before and take it down later. 

A Relaxed Countryside Wedding Ceremony and Reception

The morning of this Midhurst, West Sussex wedding started with the couple getting ready and celebrating at their respective suites. Francesca looked amazing in the gorgeous white gown, while Daniel looked dapper in a brown suit. After taking a couple of getting-ready shots and sharing giggles with the parties, we moved for the ceremony.

While the guests were comfortably seated, Daniel waited eagerly for his gorgeous bride. He was all smiles as he saw Francesca arriving in style, happily laughing with her father. As the couple exchanged vows and shared kisses as newlyweds, everyone erupted in joy. After the ceremony, we had a couple of main group shots as the couple wanted to get on and have a great time with their friends and family. It was great for us to be able to get some wonderful group photos and photos of the couple and their baby.

Following this, we continued the countryside wedding at the reception space, where the drinks and food were served. The best part? The couple also hosted a few games to keep everyone entertained. After a few heartfelt emotional speeches, the fun-filled day came to an end.

We hope you love this countryside wedding as much as we do! If you are getting married in Cocking Village Hall (or anywhere else!) and are looking for wedding photographers, please get in touch for inquiries. It will be an honour to capture some of the timeless memories from your special day.