If you want to see what ultimate elegance looks like, you need to step into the world of Prad and Sophie’s luxury wedding. Their celebration in a historic manor house was a true embodiment of sophistication and grandeur. Moreover, the architecture’s rich history and modern bridal elements created a fairytale-like setting, just like the couple imagined for their Tortworth wedding.

The Breathtaking Luxury Wedding Venue

Prad and Sophie’s vision was to have a union that would evoke a sense of timeless elegance. Therefore, they needed a grandiose and extravagant place to make their dream come true. And De Vere Tortworth Court had given them all the necessary features! The majestic manor house is nestled in astounding surroundings made of heavenly greenery and lavishly-manicured gardens. It is a place where the old meets the contemporary and creates a stunning blend of authentic elements for a modern wedding.

The Stunning Bridal Decor

To enhance the beauty of this magnificent venue, Prad and Sophie added white features. The bridal decor encompassed white floral arrangements, elegant white linens, and a wonderful white cake. Their all-white wedding was a synonym for delicate beauty and ethereal ambience. While Sophie’s bridal gown complemented this marvellous setting with its princess-like design, Prad followed her in a handsome tuxedo and made the union complete.

The Fascinating Cultural Features 

However, the uniqueness of this luxury wedding did not stop there. Namely, the couple decided to add some Indian elements to the celebration, such as food delicacies and accentuate Prad’s culture’s authenticity. Guests loved these diverse details and enjoyed exploring another culture. Moreover, they got to see the marvellous Indian sari worn by the groom’s mother. 

Our photographer had a wonderful experience working closely with Prad and Sophie. Their luxury wedding was something different. Their bridal photographs will serve as a lifelong memory of their special day and the love celebration they achieved to create! 

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