The Dunino Parish Church in Fife, Scotland, was built by James Gillespie in 1827 and is recognisable for its stone exterior/interior. It’s quite small, making it one of the most intimate Scotland wedding venues

The Charming Dunino Parish Church Wedding Ceremony

As soon as Katriona & Martin’s Scotland wedding began, traditional Scottish bagpipe music welcomed their guests. The bride arrived in an old Volkswagen Beetle, and her bridesmaids warmly greeted her. The girls in the bridal party wore beautiful shades of blue and looked stunning as they entered the Dunino Parish Church. 

Katriona walked down the aisle accompanied by her father, and the pews of the Dunino Parish Church were occupied by the couple’s closest friends and family. When she reached the aisle, Martin, dressed in traditional Scottish attire, was overwhelmed with joy to have her join him in togetherness for all eternity. Following, the couple exchanged vows and rings and were smiling through their entire Scotland wedding. The newlyweds exited the church together while being showered with blessings.

Inflatable Castle Fun

What was incredibly fun about this wedding was the fact the couple rented an inflatable castle where they got to unleash their energy. It was such an amazing moment both for them and their party as they got to jump around. It was definitely fun to capture their ecstatic vibe!

Whimsical Wedding Reception

Martin and Katriona spent some time taking photos and immortalising their love. We took some incredibly romantic, intimate portraits and quite a few with friends and family. After the photo shoot, everyone proceeded to the reception space, which was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and fairy lights, perfectly fitting the aesthetic of their countryside wedding. The newlyweds then cut the gorgeous three-tier wedding cake, and their beloved friends and family gave speeches. 

Then came the dancing and fun! It was a magical Scotland wedding, and it was apparent everyone was having the time of their lives!

We hope you enjoyed how our photos captured the atmosphere! If you liked the images, be sure to contact us before your next celebration. In addition, you’re looking after Scotland wedding venues in the Fife region, keep Dunino Parish Church in mind!