When it comes to choosing a location for your special day, Glasgow has a lot to offer. However, Alysson and Aman aimed high and picked the best of this Scottish city. The couple wanted the beauty of nature to set the tone of their Glasgow wedding, so they chose the magnificent botanical gardens as their bridal backdrop. The remarkable allure of this place created a heavenly setting for their outdoor wedding and marked the couple’s new beginning in a unique way. 

A Love Story Among Lavish Greenery 

The Kibble Palace is known as one of the most breathtaking places in Scotland. It is the home of numerous magnificent plants you cannot see anywhere else. Therefore, it is understandable why Alysson and Aman wished to have their botanic garden wedding there. The Glasgow Botanic Gardens offered a spectacular ambience for the couple’s big day and certainly made their celebration unforgettable. 

A Dreamy Glasgow Ceremony 

Alysson and Aman exchanged vows in the gorgeous, intimate setting of the botanical gardens. It was a simple ceremony without extravagant details because the natural surroundings were more than enough. The diverse world of plants and the glass bubble created a fairytale-like scenery everyone enjoyed.

Breathtaking Bridal Portraits 

Our photographer enjoyed capturing Alysson and Aman’s most special moments in the jungle-like features of the gardens. Their simple yet elegant attire blended with the backdrop of their Glasgow wedding perfectly. The sophisticated white with the forest green made an astonishing combination. Therefore, their portraits were adorned with magical features. 

Capturing this Glasgow wedding in such stunning surroundings was a real delight. Our photographer enjoyed the creative freedom the spot offered. Alysson and Amar’s special moments are an absolute bridal inspiration for magical celebrations of love!

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