Samhita & Mathew’s haldi celebration at Plas Dinam Country House amidst their close family members was a celebration of love and devotion. It showcased the couple’s deep connection and reflected the grandeur of the Hindu ceremonies, from sacred Haldi to the joyous festivities that followed. Knowing them and being part of their splendid journey was such a pleasure. This gorgeous DIY venue is simply on point for intimate celebrations or weddings in Wales. Thanks to its incredible stables and surroundings, the couple curated a colourful Haldi ceremony that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Haldi ceremony

The Colourful Pre-Wedding Festivity

Samhita and Mathew certainly created a welcoming and fun atmosphere. The Haldi ceremony is integral to traditional Indian weddings and is known to cleanse the couple and ward off evils. To celebrate this vibrant pre-wedding ritual, their family and friends apply a paste of turmeric and oil to the bride and groom. 

Before the ceremony started, guests were treated with drinks and snacks, and shortly after, Samhita took the stage to share a few words with her loved ones. She looked gorgeous in a three-piece yellow attire with a palazzo, blouse and shrug. Mathew, on the other hand, looked handsome in a yellow kurta and white churidar. The venue looked phenomenal and was painted yellow and orange. The best part? Even a few guests were colour-coordinated and wore yellow for the day. Before the celebration began, the couple were seated comfortably and behind them was a beautiful display of marigold flowers, forming a wonderful backdrop. Family members came and applied Haldi to Samitha and Mathew one by one. It all started with using Haldi on the face, hands, and feet, but later on, it was all over their dresses. 

While the ceremony was heartwarming and fun, it was also challenging for the couple as they were all stained from head to toe! But trust us, it was so much fun capturing it.

The Fun Celebrations

Shortly after the haldi ceremony, Samhita and Mathew changed their attire. Samhita wore a stunning cream lehenga and dupatta with works of embroidery, while Mathew wore a cream sherwani. They looked happy and gorgeous and were all smiles as they arrived to greet their guests. The stables at Plas Dinam had a glass roof, so the couple added personal touches to their decor. They used colourful umbrellas and flowers in the background.  Samhita and Mathew also chose long wooden tables decorated nicely with colourful details.

The festivities did not end here. All guests were treated to delicious dinner and drinks. Everyone present was so charged up that it followed a fantastic dancing celebration for a long time. Watching Mathew dancing to the Indian hook steps looked phenomenal. Samhita and Mathew took turns dancing in coordination with their wedding parties and finally arrived together for their couple’s dance. They looked so happy and much in love that we couldn’t take our eyes off them.

If you are planning a wedding in Wales and are looking for a similar experience, get in touch. We would love to be part of your celebrations!