While the English Midlands is abundant with mesmerising countryside locations, Nottingham barns truly deserve a league of its own. One such estate is the gorgeous red-brick Hazel Gap Barn, one of the best venues in the region, which is restored to perfection, and equipped with a vast array of modern amenities. Laura and Oliver, a dashing couple that looks like they’ve come out straight from a magazine, fell in love with the charm of this wedding venue in Nottingham – the decision to host their special day here was one of the easiest they had ever made. 

Love In Cursive

Laura and Oliver welcomed their love in swooping cursive letters in a setting adorned in rustic glamour. The groom was the first one to arrive at the Hazel Gap Barn, looking as ravishing as ever, so naturally, we had to capture heaps of portraits of his look. But as soon as the bride arrived, the whole atmosphere became even better! Wearing an eye-capturing elegant gown, Laura’s look was Vouge-worthy, but what captured everyone’s attention was her radiant smile.

A Majestic Ceremony

Although The Hazel Gap Barn is effortlessly beautiful, Laura and Oliver took the time to bring it to perfection. That said, they included some rustic-inspired decor that complemented the setting, while the ample windows brought in warm lighting. Moreover, the twinkling fairy lights made the ceremony magical, where the newlyweds’ love took centre stage. 

A Celebration for the Ages

Once the ceremony of this countryside wedding was over, we headed to the reception space of the Hazel Gap Barn. Akin to the previous space, this setting was intertwined with simplistic yet elegant elements, accentuated by the natural light. We continued the festivities with a whole lot of dancing, noting this celebration of love in the books!

In the course of the day, the couple many picturesque spots around the Hazel Gap Barn to pose for some amazing photos. If you like what you see and need someone to capture your memories on film, reach out to us at any time.