Are those wedding bells we hear? We are sure you must have already started preparations and are looking for venues, decorators, bridal attire and more. But have you booked your UK wedding photographer and videographer? It comes as no surprise that these vendors are a must! After all, it’s your wedding album you will cherish for years. Still, this poses a question: how to choose a wedding photographer and videographer who can document your special day professionally in a style you adore? This is a one-of-a-kind event, so picking the right professional in a timely manner is of utmost importance. Typically, many couples delay booking these vendors and ultimately end up picking unavailable ones, leading to compromises. If you are wondering how to choose a wedding photographer and videographer, we will help you. We have compiled essential tips that can help you book an expert. 

How To Choose A Wedding Photographer and Videographer: A Complete Guide


A UK wedding photographer and videographer’s portfolio must be of high quality. They must offer a variety of styles, capturing the different personalities of the couple and essential elements from the day. Be clear on your preferred style and ensure they can provide this. Also, be sure that, as experts, they have different editing techniques. Again, a good look into their portfolio will give you a glimpse of what you can expect.


Your wedding is the most important day of your life. As a soon-to-be-weds, you need your cherished memories to be captured with the utmost precision. However, you also need to like the people behind the camera! So, another thing you need to consider about how to choose a wedding photographer and videographer is trust! When you meet them for the first time, you can feel whether you are comfortable working with them or feel connected within a few minutes. With that in mind, first impressions are crucial. Alternatively, it’s a red flag if you don’t feel connected and are uncomfortable for whatever reason.

Value of money

This is an important deciding factor when choosing your wedding photographer and videographer. Though it is recommended, it should not be a basis for your decision because high prices do not always guarantee quality. Likewise, low prices do not always deliver exceptional quality. Therefore, be careful and clear on pricing with respect to the offerings. The photographer/videographer you are in touch with should be open about their pricing structures. In other words, there shouldn’t be any hidden expenses. Always be sure to cover the ground about what exactly you are paying for.


Be it a UK wedding photographer or videographer, the experience of the professional plays a large part in the organisation and structure of the day. The expert you are looking forward to may have played multiple roles of a coordinator, entertainer, etc. Wedding photography and videography are just a small part of being skilled, but without the necessary experience, you might not be able to work under constant pressure and tackle challenges. Therefore, always try to choose a professional who has lots of Wedding experience.

Recommendations from friends and families

Usually, a lot of our bookings come through recommendations from our previous clients. Obviously, because we have delivered as per our client’s expectations, and they are happy with the end results. So if your friends or family members have been happy with the quality of service and work of a particular professional, then chances are you will be too. Again, we specify this shouldn’t be the reason for your decision but can be taken into consideration. You can get in touch with your friends to know about their experiences and try to make use of the tips and advice. Also, you can ask the photographer/videographer to give you testimonials or references of their clients. An expert will always be able to provide you with testimonials and share the details of their clients without hesitation.

Everything from your bridal attire to flowers at your celebration is a personal choice. So be calm and trust your gut when picking a UK wedding photographer and videographer. The chances are that if your gut is telling you you have found a perfect match, you probably have. Top vendors are usually booked in advance, so it is important to act quickly, especially when you are getting married in the peak season.

When should we book the wedding photographer/videographer?

The answer is simple – book as soon as possible, without delays. You should hire the professional from at least nine months up to a year in advance because talented professionals get booked quickly. It might be possible the day you are planning to get married is the peak season, so chances are you might not get bookings for your preferred date. Therefore, we recommend hiring them as soon as your wedding date and venue are finalised.

With this, we conclude the essential tips on how to choose a wedding photographer and videographer. If you are still considering hiring one, act quickly. We hope our article helps you pick the professional who can successfully meet your requirements. 

If your celebration is around the corner and you are looking for a professional UK wedding photographer and videographer, we would love to discuss your requirements further. Get in touch with us to book a consultation. As we have captured hundreds of weddings and provided couples with the deliverables of their choice, we feel we can help you with your choice of style and preferences.