As a newly engaged couple, you are probably still pondering the question of what the best way to celebrate your wedding will be. Somehow, the idea of gathering 200+ people makes you want to ditch everything and elope. But you still fantasise about having your closest people present to witness your ‘I dos’ and share your happiness. If you feel stuck between the idea of a conventional wedding and elopement or simply wish to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime moment with your forever-favourite people, we have your way out. Intimate weddings!

intimate weddings

Small weddings and micro celebrations are now trending more than ever. They are also preferred for remarriages, vows-renewal celebrations, and older couple weddings. Generally, millennials are their top followers, but others are also embracing the idea. They are the best alternative for those who seek privacy, pleasure, total personalization and just a touch of magic for their special event. Intimate weddings are characterised by their short guest lists as they count not more than 70 guests. Couples wholeheartedly embrace having a small soiree, ensuring that everybody knows everyone and, more importantly, genuinely wants to be there.

Intimate weddings are full of personality. They are often the go-to choice because they can expand your possibilities of elevating the experience to another level, making the most important day of your life an unforgettable memory. As perfect as they sound, they also have their downsides. For that reason, we have made the ultimate list of the pros and cons of intimate weddings so you can finally make up your mind.

Advantages of Intimate Weddings

If you have decided to join the trend of small gatherings for your UK wedding, you will love to know all about its advantages. Take notes!

  • They are budget-friendly.

Since the number of guests is smaller, you will spend less on the reception and have more room to manoeuvre with the budget. For example, you can allocate part of the amount to other wedding details, like choosing a smaller but more lavish venue, expanding the menu, and saving more for an exclusive honeymoon. Also, you can finally purchase that gorgeous wedding dress that was out of your league, turning your marriage into a weekend full of celebrations.

  • You can mingle with all your guests.

If you are having a big bash of 250 people, you cannot pay attention to all your guests. That’s the beauty of private weddings. Without rushing and without stress, you can interact with all guests. The fear of not reaching everyone is absent in these small but cordial celebrations.

  • You will have greater peace of mind during the wedding planning process.

Preparations will be far less stressful, thanks to the short guest list. There will be fewer invitations to send and tables to decorate, and relationships with suppliers will be much easier. If you are the crafty kind of couple and want to be hands-on involved with the union decor, bringing to life all your Pinterest DIY ideas will be a piece of cake. Let’s face it: doing 50 marriage favours yourself is far more feasible than doing 250. Also, close-knit weddings are easier to plan and execute. This way, you can not only enjoy your special day but also the months leading up to it, saving yourself a fight or two.

  • Enjoy an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

The strongest and most important reason to have a micro wedding is, without a doubt, the emotions experienced by those closest to the couple. 

Big celebrations are often filled with people invited due to social obligation or pressure from other people. Sooner or later, they turn to a tedious array of strangers waiting in line to salute the newlyweds and have a picture together. They end up surrounded by people with whom they don’t necessarily have a deep bond. The touching moments are often experienced in a very small group of guests while the rest are not even noticed. 

In intimate weddings, everyone present is the protagonist of the union’s most emotional and sweet moments. Surrounding yourself with those who love you the most to celebrate your loving union is undoubtedly the best reason to have a close-knit union. 

  • More venue options.

Let’s face it: finding a venue for a smaller group of people is far more manageable than seeking out a place to seat many guests. If you are planning a UK wedding, you will discover that you have practically countless options. Not to mention, as an experienced wedding photography team, we have so many suggestions up our sleeve!

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Disadvantages of Intimate Weddings

Although not so many, intimate weddings can come with certain inconveniences. These are the aspects that usually throw couples off.

  • Fights over guestlist restrictions.

Be prepared for some family and future in-laws pouting. Considering the small number of guests, there will be many relatives or family friends who will not make the list. Some might understand, others might get mad, and there will definitely be tension. Our advice is to stay strong and stick to your idea. Don’t let those pointless arguments get to you before your special event. Talk to your parents and explain to them the reasons for your decision. After all, that is your day and your once-in-a-lifetime moment that you deserve to celebrate however and with whomever you want.

  • You might have regrets.

When your private party has finally finished, there might be a chance for you to regret your decision. That might happen because you feel sorry for not having more or particular people share your joy with you on the big day. You might even kick yourself for not having the big bash with all the guests and all the wedding rituals. Lucky for you, all is not lost – you can always do that for your jubilee anniversary, or you can host a vow renewal ceremony.

  • There might be less party vibes.

You know how they say ‘the more, the merrier’. Well, when there is a party, this rule applies. As much as you love your idea of a close-knit gathering, the party might not rock the way it should when the dancefloor is half empty. But this does not mean you will feel less happy. The positive energy felt at small events comes from genuine joy and can be so fulfilling!

intimate weddings

Intimate Weddings or Lavish Celebrations?

Whether you decide to go big or small, have a wedding that describes you as a couple and depicts your uniqueness and character. Include as many people or bridal elements as you want because that is never a right or wrong way to celebrate love.

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