Negin and Gagandeep wanted their London wedding to be a simple love celebration they will remember forever. They did not pick extravagant places and details for their union but two stunning locations to celebrate their special day. And they got exactly what they desired – an intimate affair among their loved ones. 

A Stunning Location for The London Wedding Ceremony 

Negin and Gagandeep picked Old Chelsea Town Hall as an ideal place to tie the knot. They had an intimate ceremony with their closest family and friends. It was the perfect place to begin their new chapter because the Town Hall is one of the most beautiful buildings on King’s Road. Namely, their Old Chelsea Town Hall wedding was marked with an astonishing backdrop of historical architecture. 

The grandeur of the town hall’s exterior allowed our photographer to capture some breathtaking photos of the couple and the guests. Moreover, the charming streets of the area contributed to adding some magical features to this Chelsea wedding portraits. It was, without a doubt, the most magnificent location to commemorate such a special occasion.   

An Intimate Dinner Party in A Charming Atmosphere 

Negin and Gagandeep’s London wedding was crowned with a delightful dinner at Osteria Del Portico. They picked this charming restaurant because of its homey atmosphere and delicious food. The couple wanted everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy some delightful courses during the evening. The night finished with a lot of dancing and laughter. The couple’s wish was that each guest felt cosy and relaxed, and they achieved their goal. 

Negin and Gagandeep’s London wedding was a day filled with love, joy, and special moments. Both of the locations offered a spectacular atmosphere and amazing surroundings. The couple had a magical day adorned with simple details and candid speeches. Therefore, our photographer had the chance to be part of an intimate, unique wedding. 

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