Situated in the picturesque Cotswold countryside, The Frogmill is a stunning venue offering a magical blend of modern elegance and rustic charm. This historic gem has been lovingly restored and transformed into a breathtaking venue, perfect for hosting the elegant wedding of Nicola & Billy. The venue’s interiors and grounds offer endless photo opportunities. Plus, it has a range of stunning spaces to make up for the lovely day. 

romantic elegant wedding

The Getting Ready Morning

We started documenting precious memories in the morning- bridal and groom preps. Nicola and her girls enjoyed sharing laughter while getting their hair and make-up done. Before the ceremony, we captured the couple across the picturesque gardens and scenic courtyards. 

The Memorable Ceremony at The Frogmill

We then headed to the beautiful chamber in the heart of this Cheltenham venue, where the ceremony occurred. All guests were comfortably seated across the sides of the spacious room while Billy waited eagerly for his bride.

The elegant wedding ceremony was conducted nicely and was about the bride and groom’s love story. After the ceremony, it was time for confetti group photos, which were genuinely wonderful. So, we got the group shots and decided to sneak off with Nicola and Billy for a portrait session. The best part? The Frogmill offers a range of appointed spaces for photography with picturesque backdrops, apart from being a remarkable venue for hosting luxury wedding unions.

The Unlimited Fun at the Reception

After spending time with the couple across the spacious property of The Frogmill, we arrived for the reception. It was lovely hearing all those lovely speeches and capturing the candid joy. Moreover, the gorgeous first dance ended perfectly, with everyone joining the party for endless celebration. 

Whether planning an intimate, elegant wedding with your loved ones or a grand affair, you will find everything you need to create a memorable day of your life at The Frogmill. As experienced photographers, we would love to hear from you about your plans and how we can capture magical moments from the day, so make sure you get in touch!