When Charlotte and Joshua imagined their celebration, they wanted magical features that could make their day memorable. And nothing gives a greater magical spark than the dreamy details of a boho wedding. The couple’s goal was to go for something simple yet authentic, and they managed to turn their dream into a reality.  

An Amazing Holiday Rental for A Dreamy Celebration 

Striving for uniqueness, Charlotte and Joshua avoided picking a traditional bridal venue. They decided on a creative venue that radiates unique warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Therefore, they rented a gorgeous farmhouse in Throwley and decorated it with boho details. The Park Farm Barn is located among picturesque surroundings and astonishing landscapes. So, it was the ideal setting for an intimate barn wedding with loved ones. Moreover, the place’s rustic features allowed them to create the charming atmosphere they envisioned for the big day. 

Intricate Boho Wedding Details for A Breathtaking Appeal 

Charlotte and Joshua’s boho wedding contained many intricate and gorgeous details. Everything about their countryside wedding was personalised and spirited, resulting in a real eye treat. They exchanged their vows in front of a stunning arch ornamented with white cloth, sparkling lights, and romantic candles. In addition, the ceiling included decorative branches that gave soul to the whole place and added boho vibes. 

Furthermore, they had an astounding table setting with plenty of little details. Although quite simple, they were arranged magnificently and creatively. This provided a movie-like to the dream barn wedding the couple had in mind. 

Lavish Surroundings for A Perfect Reception 

Once they exchanged their vows, Charlotte and Joshua continued their celebration in the stunning backyard. They both admired the countryside, so they wanted to enjoy its beauty to the fullest. Namely, the lavish greenery accompanied by flowers all around was the ideal scenery for such a big day. 

Capturing Charlotte and Joshua’s special moments was a unique experience for our photographer. Their boho wedding was a rare and creative work of art. It was not something you see every day, so the feeling is indescribable!

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