Lucy and Paul’s Pembroke Lodge iconic event was a true embodiment of a fairytale! Their celebration of love radiated refined beauty and melted hearts. The couple outdid themselves in planning their perfect event, so every detail was meticulously incorporated to ensure a memorable day. Most importantly, they spread a powerful energy with their love, making this London wedding magical and dreamy!

The Dreamy Pembroke Lodge Wedding Venue

Pembroke Lodge was the ideal venue for Lucy and Paul’s big day. They strived for effortless elegance and grandeur, so Richmond Park was the obvious choice. The scenery and the surroundings created a perfect backdrop for such a divine affair. The place is adorned with awe-inspiring hues, adding magical features to the bridal decor the couple had chosen. It is no wonder why many consider it a popular wedding venue!

The Ceremony 

They had a beautiful indoor wedding ceremony decorated with delicate floral arrangements. The white colour was a dominant element in their bridal decor, adding magnificent dreaminess to the whole setting. Moreover, there were twinkling lights around for a romantic effect. It created an absolutely gorgeous fairytale-like scene.

However, the ceremony wouldn’t have been so unique if it wasn’t for the touching speech of the groom. Paul addressed his bride with so many beautiful words there was not a soul in there that did not shed a tear. It was the most sincere and romantic declaration of love, so no one could stay indifferent to those words. 

The Reception

The marvellous London wedding was followed by a spectacular reception with a lot of dancing, laughter and fun. The excellent choice of music kept everyone on their feet the whole night. 

Having the honour of filming the best moments of Lucy and Paul’s lives was a thrilling experience. Our videographer enjoyed following this lovely couple as they stepped into the beginning of their new chapter. And, of course, Pembroke Lodge’s magnificence added to the occasion’s marvellousness.

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