Planning for your big day and want to include your fur baby? Pets are the most adorable additions to the family, so incorporating them into the biggest celebration of your life is natural. However, having them physically present sometimes doesn’t seem possible, for they might get nervous due to the crowd or not even be allowed in because of the venue’s pet limitations. So, if they are unable to be there in person, no worries. There are plenty of ways to include pets in your wedding. 

We have brought to you a list of popular ideas on how to include pets in your wedding.

Ideas to include pets in your wedding

  • Signature Cocktail Names

One of the greatest ways to have cats or dogs in your wedding is to name signature cocktails after them. Trust us, your guests will love ordering this at the bar, and it’s such a fun way to honour your lovely furball..

  • Cake Toppers

Another great way of incorporating your pet is by having a cake topper in its name. Couples often add their pet photos on the wedding cake topper. These little, beautiful touches make it a piece of art you can display after your celebration.


  • Customised Cookies

Want to feel the presence of your pet at your wedding? Order some customised cookies that resemble them. Serving it as part of the dessert or guest favours is a great idea. They can be a bit pricey, but the cost depends entirely on the number you order. The best part? The result will be totally worth it!

  • Engagement Photos

One of the easiest ways to include your dog or cat in your wedding is to have them as part of your engagement photo session. But before you bring them in, be sure to check with your photographer first. Once you have discussed this, double-check the location to see if they are allowing animals in. Moreover, we recommend hiring additional help so you can easily get the photos done. 

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  • Getting Ready Shots

If your furry friend isn’t comfortable in a crowd, share a precious moment with them before walking down the aisle. Enjoy the snuggles, pet kisses and tail wags while you are getting ready before you say, “I do”. Often, couples prefer to include their beloved pet as part of the first look before walking down the aisle.

  • Centrepieces

Personalised details work wonders and can make a tablescape stand out. Pets inspire beautiful floral arrangements like the flower-filled nest to celebrate a beloved bird or a picture of your pet across each table to make the look of the interiors stand out.

  • Customised Dessert

After treating your guests to a delicious meal, their sweet tooth is bound to wake up. So, how about giving them a sugary boost by including a personalised dessert? You can have your pet be the design spark for the cupcake or second cake if you want. 

  • Featuring on signage or paper goods

How about the idea of including your pet in your wedding on the welcome sign, coasters, stir sticks, napkins and more? You can build an epic party with such novel design pieces. Don’t be afraid to select an option that is evocative of your pet- think colours, statues, textures, etc.

  • Wedding Stationery

Whether it’s an adorable graphic of the pet on Save the Dates or paw prints for the place cards at each table, you can have creative reminders throughout the big day. Not only will it be a sweet surprise for your loved ones when they open envelopes, but it will also add an extra layer of sentimentality and fun. Not to mention, everyone will appreciate the creative way you’ve included your cat or dog in your wedding.

  • Accessories

In addition to your wedding attire, there’s more you can do to include your pets in your wedding. You can don jewellery, a headpiece, a cufflink or a pocket square fashioned after your pet to keep them close to your heart.

  • Commission pet-inspired illustration

One of the best ways of honouring your pet is hiring an artist to create a customised illustration as though it was at your wedding and display it close to the welcome table. Moreover, this special keepsake could easily make up for keeping your furry friend at home.

  • Photo Booth

Want to add a bit of flair to the photo booth? Elevate the fun vibe by including pet cutouts as props. Plus, no one would be able to resist posing behind a giant cutout of the adorable cat or dog’s head.

  • Pre-wedding festivities

Have your pet be a guest of honour at your wedding shower, engagement party, or even the rehearsal dinner if your venue requires them to stay at home. While you may feel guilty for excluding them, at least you will have special memories with them during the festivities.

Lastly, if your venue is pet-friendly or your pet is comfortable around the crowd, then you may even physically include your pet on your wedding day. As not all dogs are people-friendly and can handle the excitement of big crowds, it’s the sociable, outgoing dogs that usually do better. Therefore, it is advisable to use your judgement and consider the pets’ health and age when considering their presence at the wedding. Finally, be respectful of your guests and wedding party and inform them that there will be a dog in the ceremony.

With this, we conclude the essential tips on including your pet on the wedding day. Pets are family, so it is only natural to wish to honour them on your most important day. We hope these tips are helpful and you can create a perfect day you and your guests can cherish and rejoice for years to come. Also, we have plenty of experience shooting pets at weddings, so if you have any questions, just let us know. As a team of professional photographers, we would love to address your concerns. Our earnest endeavour would be to plan your day the way you have envisioned and create timeless memories.