Many couples dream of a castle wedding with all the fairytale features and magical scenery. Barry and Dee had the exact same dream for their celebration and decided to make it a reality. Their wondrous celebration took place at Rowton Castle, one of the most breathtaking places in Shrewsbury, and it was nothing short of marvellous!

Fairytale Castle for a Fairytale Wedding 

Barry and Dee strived for dazzling elegance and historic allure, meaning they needed a place with fairytale-like features. The Rowton Castle possesses a miraculous historic building and stunning surroundings we usually see in storybooks. Considering these characteristics, this luxury castle wedding venue was the ideal spot for our couple to crown their love. Moreover, it was the best place to make lifelong memories! 

A Surreal Ceremony 

Since Barry and Dee picked this magical wedding venue in Shropshire, West Midlands, they needed to have an unforgettable ceremony that matched the scenery to tie the knot. Namely, they decided to exchange their vows in the venue’s outdoor area, with the castle as their backdrop. The couple said their “I do’s” under a majestic bridal arch and in gorgeous attire that complemented the setting perfectly. The bride looked amazingly stunning in her gown, while the groom matched her in a handsome suit. 

In fact, every single detail was carefully thought out to create an ideal ambience for this romantic and special moment. And the feelings were intensified by the speeches delivered by the couple’s family and friends. 

If you have ever thought about what a fairytale wedding looks like, Barry and Dee’s union is the perfect example! This Rowton Castle celebration was unforgettable and absolutely remarkable. The couple had the time of their lives and will surely remember their castle wedding for a lifetime!

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