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Welcome to the world of School Prom Photographers where we believe that organising a School Prom Photographer should always be at the top of the event organisers to-do list. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Friendly, relaxed and professional your Big Day Productions photographer will ensure your event is captured in style.

Our School Prom Photography packages are simple, and trusted by many Schools and Universities throughout the UK.

We provide School Prom Photography throughout the UK. Catering for all budgets, our School Prom Photography packages offer fantastic value for your money.

Your School will earn 40% Commission on all profits we make on print orders purchased via your events Online Gallery.

We pride ourselves in providing a Professional Modern Service that gives you complete peace of mind. Gone are the days of on-site printing, and welcome to the digital age.

All of our School Prom photography packages can be completely tailored to suit you and your school, we can provide our services nationwide, on an hourly basis, for as long as you like. Our School Prom Packages offer great value, and you can customise any of them to your own requirements. See our options below;

School Prom

Offer 1
  • 3 Hours Pro Photography
  • Online Gallery to view, share, download & print
  • Fully Edited Images on USB
  • High & Low Resolution Photographs
  • Full Printing Rights

School Prom Photography Packages

from just £289 - 40% Commission for your School

Our School Prom Photographers provide stunning photos of your event at a very reasonable rate. If you require an School Prom Photographer that produces beautiful, modern photographs, look no further than Big Day Productions as Our Images, Customer Reviews and recommendations speak for themselves.

With packages from just £289, our School Prom Photographers are such great value. We are keeping up with the digial age and have moderised our approach, where on-site printing is no more. We know the younger generation are all about social media, and digital technologies, so we have adopted this same approach.

Whilst in the past, photographers have provided their services free of charge, and make their money on prints sold on the night, we’ve found this method is no longer sustainable given the digital age we are now in.

So, as Modern School Prom Photographers, we charge a small amount for us to be present on the night, we take as many shots as possible, both traditional, and fun, and we’ll upload the full edited shots online shortly after your event for viewing.

We’ll also provide your School with the Fully Edited High & Low Resolution Versions on USB, for you to use as you wish.

Any orders we make through the online gallery, 40% of our profits will go to your School, GUARANTEED.

Our School Prom Photographers are experienced, professional photographers with a huge amount of experience, our expertise is in Wedding Photography, so our creative flair will certainly follow through. Our creative approach is what makes us stand out from the rest.

You’ve probably found this page searching for School Prom Photographers. Some people may have also found us by searching for School Prom Photography or just Prom Photographers. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

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