Wedding photography is a substantial segment that requires more attention than a couple’s initial thoughts. It may all be about capturing unforgettable moments and emotions, but taking them from different angles is a whole different story. This is where the second wedding photographer steps in.

Many couples may initially hesitate to hire a second shooter or videographer, not seeing the advantages. This is understandable because, after all, it is your choice. You’ll find that all wedding photographers have a different working policy. Some like to work alone, and then you’ll also find those who only sell packages with an assistant. 

To clarify things, we will explore why you might need to hire a second wedding photographer or videographer, their roles, and the potential drawbacks each couple should consider.

second wedding photographer

The Role of a Second Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Another assistant professional hired by the lead one to document your marriage is known as a second wedding photographer. What is their role in the event, you may ask? The lead photographer cannot be in two places at a time. Therefore, when they are with the bride and her bridesmaids, the second shooter works independently on photographing different scenarios or groups of people. One example of this would be the groom getting dressed. This reduces the time spent running between the couple’s morning preparations and gives more time to focus on both parties – at the same time. Of course, the same applies to the second videographer.

Other instances include capturing tighter or wider angles of the first kiss or the grand entry. Some lead camerapersons prefer capturing the more creative side of the content, while the assistant photographer concentrates on the traditional aspect of the day. 

One thing to keep in mind is the accompanying right-hand person’s working hours. They obviously must precisely match those of the lead videographer because they work together under the shooting contract.

second wedding photographer

When Hiring a Second Wedding Photographer is Necessary

Whether you hire a second wedding photographer or not is entirely up to you. However, many situations require having a second shooter present at your marriage.

You Want Tons of Photos or More Film Footage

Yes, the lensman will deliver a complete and extensive gallery from the day, but how much shooting can one person really do? There are couples who want each and every detail to be caught on camera, which is impossible for one person. This is where the second shooter comes to light! Imagine the photo gallery with two professionals giving it their all to capture and deliver the best moments of your life.

second wedding photographer

You Have a Large Bridal Party or Family

Formal family portraits are done with perfection, but you probably don’t know how much work goes into taking one. Before clicking the button, a wedding photographer has to roll up the sleeves and do some heavy-duty lifting. They have to make sure that guests are in the right formation. Now imagine having several different photo configurations of your large family or bridal party. 

A right-hand picture taker can surely help to organise everyone and keep them in their position. Given that these photo portraits are challenging especially if they’ve had a few drinks on top of that.

Planning a Wedding with more than 150 Guests

Let’s be realistic; sometimes, a second shooter is not a luxury but a necessity. Even a professional cannot match the pace of a hundred people. You surely wouldn’t want your photographer to make you hold on the moment of cutting the cake so they can reach you. The other option is for a cameraperson to bulldoze their way through the tables, hoping to arrive on time to record the moment. Honestly, who wants either of these scenarios? 

Getting Ready in Different Locations 

The bride and groom often get ready at different venues, which means the timeline for your marriage will be extremely stretched. Instead of having your wedding photographer stressed out and running from one place to the other and back, the best solution is an assistant. This will surely be more affordable than booking additional time with a solo cameraperson to travel between destinations. Plus, remember that putting the photographer or videographer under pressure can also result in an insufficient number of photos or footage. Or worse – low-quality photos/video. 

You Follow Certain Cultural Traditions

While this is not so common, there are times when couples come with special requests. Considering we all come from different cultural backgrounds, some couples wish to respect their traditions. Let’s say you want to respect the modesty customs where a man shouldn’t be present when women get ready, or vice versa. In this case, it’s wise to inform your professional to make the necessary arrangements by hiring a second wedding photographer that will be aligned with your cultural norms. 

The Disadvantages of Hiring Two Photographers/Videographers for Your UK Wedding

Yes, having two persons taking care of the images has an abundance of benefits, but you should also know that there are potential cons to this idea:

  • The first and most important is that there is an extra charge. Couples often agree that the additional coverage and flexibility make the purchase worthwhile, but this may not be the case for everyone.
  • Be prepared to have more cameras pointed at you. You will be observed by two cameras rather than just one, so bear that in mind if you are very camera-shy. If you’re hiring a photographer, videographer, and assistant shooter, you should budget for three to four cameras (or more). Consider this when planning your budget.
  • Your photo editing may take a little longer. It might take the photographer, second wedding photographer, or videographer and second videographer a bit more time to work their magic on a larger gallery or footage, but it will surely not take months.

To Hire or Not To Hire a Second Wedding Photographer?

So, what will it be – one professional or hiring a second wedding photographer or videographer? If you are planning a UK wedding, be sure to contact us for more information on this and other topics and services. We’ll be happy to offer our advice and services to help you plan that perfect day!