Fay and Kelly’s same-sex wedding at Thornbury Golf Course was one of the most touching ceremonies we have ever witnessed. They both were really kind and simply amazing to work with. We were elated beyond words when they reached out to us to share their vision for the day. There were so many beautiful moments from the wedding that we will adore them for a lifetime!

Elegant Wedding Venue – Thornbury Golf Course

Fay & Kelly were excited about their wedding and decided on the unique Thornbury Golf Course at Bristol Road for its timeless elegance and charm. Noted as one of the best wedding venues in Bristol, UK, the decision to experience their most memorable moments there came instantly! The 15th-century lodge oozes simple yet sophisticated glamour with perfectly manicured lawns as far as the eye can see. It’s a golf course, after all! Still, what Kelly and Fay liked most about Thornbury Golf Course was the panoramic terrace offering splendid views of the surroundings, which posed the perfect backdrop for their wedding day. From the first moment they arrived on the scene, they knew that the decision for it was the best one that they’d ever made – aside from marrying each other, of course. 

Timeless Memories

We started our day by taking getting-ready photos of the lovely couple in their suite. They both looked phenomenal and were natural in front of the camera. Both of them shared so much love and excitement once we started with their romantic portraits. Some of the best shots were captured in the outdoor spaces while they both were on the swing adorned with flowers.

Lyrical Smiles & Eternal Love

Another incredibly emotional moment from this non-traditional wedding was when they both arrived and walked the aisle with their fathers. The ceremony was held indoors, where they both made promises in front of their loved ones, who showed incredible support. What we especially liked about the day was they chose the most beautiful group of people to stand by their side. As they exchanged vows, everyone cheered for the newlyweds. Slowly, they made their way out of Thornbury Golf Course with the brightest smiles on their faces. After the ceremony, we spent time with the couple to capture stunning portraits in the beautiful garden of this wedding venue in Bristol, UK. 

Later, we joined the guests comfortably seated at the reception area, waiting to create even more unforgettable memories with the newlyweds. Fay & Kelly celebrated their wonderful toasts, cake cutting adorned with Mrs & Mrs, and endless dancing throughout the evening. 

Finally, our evening with these gorgeous women eventually ended, and we enjoyed every second of it! We adored getting to know them and documenting their incredible love story at Thornbury Golf Course. If you are looking for wedding photographers in Bristol, let us know. We would love to capture your dream celebration!