Wedding photos are more than simple images. On the contrary, they are invaluable keepsakes you’ll treasure forever. For that reason, couples spend a lot of time researching, evaluating and ensuring they connect with their suppliers – as they should! But when it comes to wedding poses, that’s an entirely different story!

We understand that posing doesn’t come naturally for most people. That said, it’s quite common for you to feel stiff because you simply don’t know what to do. Well, you’re not the only one, as many people share this feeling! However, there are some “tricks” you should consider! For one, always remain 100% you! These are your wedding photos, so don’t do anything that feels out of the ordinary. Next, trust your photographer and their guidance, but include your personal touch as well. Finally, relax and enjoy the session! 

As wedding photographers, the most common question we are asked is, “Will you be taking a lot of candid photos because we don’t like the posed ones?”. Our answer always remains the same- “Yes, we will capture plenty of candid and documentary-style photos in addition to staged ones”. That said, it’s a good idea to brush up on poses for weddings.

wedding poses

Best Wedding Poses To Achieve The Most Iconic Photos

As we want your photographs to reflect your personality, we share some of the best natural wedding poses. You can choose what fits your story and suggest it to your photographer so they know what you prefer.

  • Embracing each other

Stand face to face with your partner and hold each other close, basking in love. It is one of our favourite timeless wedding poses where the eyes are locked in a powerful connection and reflect upon a new journey the couple are going to embark on. This beautiful pose captures the essence of the special day as the couple pledge their devotion and commitment to one another.

  • Exchanging rings

This is one wedding photo pose we always include in our sessions. It is the moment which beautifully captures the newlyweds lovingly exchanging rings and starting their journey of a lifetime together. The intimate moment is accompanied by heartfelt smiles and meaningful glances that speak volumes. It marks the beginning of a memorable journey as they create a future filled with love and endless happiness.

  • First Look

It is an incredible and cherished moment when genuine emotions burst out. We capture this right before the ceremony when the couple is ready to lay eyes on each other. It’s a magical moment that brings out a lot of feelings, an element of surprise and radiates their love for each other. It’s undoubtedly one of the best natural wedding poses!

  • First Dance

It is a captivating moment where the bride and groom come together, symbolising their love and union. We always include candid first dance moments from the wedding day when the couples hold each other close and tight, lock their eyes in tender gaze and gracefully sway. The stunning shots capture magical moments that can be cherished for a lifetime.

  • Walking hand-in-hand

This is another one of our favourite wedding poses! We typically prefer capturing walking poses during golden hour, harnessing the sky’s hues and natural beauty. We usually suggest couples stand against the backdrop of warm fading light. The soft glow creates a dreamy ambience reflecting the true beauty and capturing the love between the newlyweds.

natural wedding poses

  • Showing off veil

The brides showing off their veil is an enchanting and whimsical pose for the wedding, adding an extra layer of love to the session. Here, the bride can delicately hold her veil, allowing it to flow in a series of patterns. With it, we get to capture the essence of the bride, and it is a timeless reminder of the radiant presence for her special day.

  • Kiss on hand

For a sweet fairytale moment, capturing this beautiful shot is a must. This shot can be taken while the groom is sitting on one knee and the bride remains standing. Alternatively, this wedding photography pose can be taken in a standing position. Either way, this loving gesture is perfect for capturing the romantic connection between the couple.

  • Forehead kiss

Forehead kisses are another sweet symbol of love and affection. It beautifully showcases the deep bond between the couple and adds a touch of romance to the photos. For this wedding pose, either the bride or the groom can gently kiss on the forehead while the partner remains seated. Another way of doing it is by having the bride give an embracing hug to the groom while the groom gently gives a forehead kiss.

  • Eye-to-eye gaze

When the lovebirds lock their eyes, it is time to capture the intimacy and chemistry between them. You should look at each other sweetly and softly lock the connection. This might seem a simple pose for weddings, but trust us  – it speaks volumes of your love.

  • The classic bridal pose

This is a classical and graceful pose involving the bride standing beautifully in her attire and wedding bouquet. It showcases her dress and the overall bridal look. Here, you can stand upright with relaxed shoulders while gently tilting the bouquet downwards.

natural wedding poses

Wedding Poses Tips

  • Practice poses in front of a mirror.
  • Be natural, comfortable and relaxed. Don’t stand or pose too stiff because it won’t look good in the photos.
  • Arrive at the location well-rested and hydrated.
  • Trust and engage with your photographer.
  • Lastly, smile!

Wedding photos are beautiful expressions of love and commitment. They pose the best keepsake for the big day, capturing beautiful moments between the couple. With this, we conclude the most natural and gorgeous wedding poses. By following them, you won’t just look amazing but comfortable in front of the camera.

Lastly, we would recommend you trust your photographer and look for the one who truly understands you. This is because building a rapport with them is essential so you feel confident and comfortable on your most special day. 

Looking for a wedding photographer? Let us know. We would love to connect your beautiful new beginnings as you envisioned.