So the proposal has been sealed with a big YES, and everyone has toasted to your upcoming nuptials. You have gotten over the excitement of being a newly engaged couple, and now the reality has slowly started kicking in. You have got an entire wedding to plan! One of the significant challenges couples often face is knowing where to start the preparation. More specifically, they don’t have a clue about which wedding suppliers they need to hire.

After years of experience in the industry, one of the best ways we know of to help you is to compile a complete list of essential wedding suppliers you may need. 

Once you have the list, you will be able to decide what your top priorities are, and accordingly, you can start planning other activities. Having the right suppliers to assist you on the big day can help create a celebration that reflects your and your partner’s personalities without being too much under stress.

If you are wondering about the must-hire suppliers for your upcoming UK wedding, worry not. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of essential suppliers you would likely need for the day.

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Top Wedding Suppliers Needed For A Flawless Celebration

Wedding Planner

Aside from photographers, planners are essential wedding suppliers. However, they come at an additional expense. A planner will help you recommend and connect with suppliers and liaise with them as well as your venue on your behalf. They may charge you a percentage of the overall budget, so take time and research before finalising. Another option is hiring a day coordinator. They are like planners but will primarily focus on the wedding day rather than the entire planning process.

Hair & Makeup Stylist

Unless you are professionally skilled at hair and makeup, hiring an expert is a nice treat on the most significant day of your life. It’s your important day, so why not ensure you look flawless with the help of experts? In addition, you should have at least one full hair and make-up trial done before the UK wedding to know what to expect and be confident.

Wedding Stationer

Last but not least, you would need a professional wedding stationer for a lot of things such as

  • Save the dates
  • Wedding invitations
  • Table plans and place cards
  • Thank you cards

Hiring an expert is essential for wedding stationery as its look and feel can set the tone and theme for the entire celebration. It can influence your guest’s impressions of what they can expect. We therefore recommend that you find a trustworthy wedding supplier who can make your dream day a reality.


Your UK wedding is the biggest day of your life, and to reminisce about the day and memories you made, you would definitely want photos and possibly even videos of the event. We recommend choosing a professional wedding photographer and/or videographer based on their expertise and portfolio. Don’t be tempted to hire an amateur because they come at a lower price or, worse of all, family and friends. If the wedding photos don’t come out as expected, you will most likely regret it later. 

DJ or Live Wedding Band

No wedding is complete without music and dancing. Usually, couples opt for a DJ or a live band, and it is completely up to you which one you would like to go for. If you are looking for a variety of music, DJ is a better option. However, if you prefer a more traditional approach, then consider a band. It is essential to note a DJ does more than just play songs. They will announce toasts and other special moments throughout the UK wedding, such as the entrance, cake cutting, and special dances. These wedding suppliers are trained not just to choose and curate playlists but also to have exceptional speaking skills.


Usually, most wedding venues offer catering services. However, if your venue isn’t supplying catering, you will have to hire a company yourself. Most weddings in the UK feature a three-course meal, which includes appetisers followed by the finger buffet in the evening. These days, modern weddings feature street food vans or hog roasts as an alternative to traditional catering. So choosing this supplier for your wedding is entirely up to you. Figure out what cuisine you would like on your big day and narrow down the catering options accordingly.

Wedding Rentals

You may contact wedding supplier companies, who can provide you with a dedicated list of essential items and services needed for the day. These include-

  • Lighting
  • Decorations
  • Table and tablecloths
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Chair covers
  • Cleaning services support
  • Marquees
  • Dance floor
  • Cake knives etc.

What you need will depend on your preferences, budget, and venue. Before you bring on board any of the companies, check what your venue will be offering. 

Gift List Provider

Thinking about giving gifts to your partner? It would be worth signing up for a wedding gift registry with an online or department store. It will help you choose gifts you can use and appreciate, and trust us – it will make things easier for your guests, too. As you continue to purchase items from your list, they can be removed or checked off later so you don’t end up with duplicates.


A florist is another essential aspect you need to include in your wedding supplier checklist. They will design beautiful bouquets and buttonholes for you and the wedding party per your personal taste, preferences, colour schemes, and more. They will also be responsible for creating unique centrepieces and floral archways for the photographs. For that reason, you should choose a local florist who is well aware of the venue.

Cake Baker

A wedding cake is one of the most important traditions for many. Therefore, a cake maker is a vital wedding supplier if you want an amazing showcase for the day. The cake-cutting signifies the start of the evening celebrations, and as such, it is one of the key parts of your UK wedding. And why not? It is an opportunity to showcase a work of edible art that will impress your guests. With that, we recommend hiring a professional so you can enjoy your evening with peace of mind without worrying about the design and coordination. All you will need to do is turn up on the day and see the beautiful centrepiece. 

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Couples often hire a wedding car or a limousine to transport the bride to the ceremony and then transport the newlyweds to the reception space. Additionally, you can consider hiring a coach to transport you and your guests to and from the ceremony and reception venues. It’s worth booking this supplier for weddings as soon as you have finalised the date and venue to avoid last-minute disappointment.

wedding transport - uk wedding suppliers

With this, we conclude the list of wedding suppliers you will need for your big day. We hope our list helps and you will be able to quickly finalise the suppliers you would like to bring on board. Remember to trust them, as they are the experts trained to help you. 

Looking for a professional UK wedding photographer/videographer? Get in touch! We would love to be part of your new beginnings!