No one wishes for rain on their special day, but Joshua and Ellis completely embraced it. By default, bridal celebrations rarely go according to plans, but this lovely couple did not seem bothered at all. They took advantage of the rainy weather and created some marvellous photos. Their Wobster Ropery wedding was nothing but a majestic journey of love. 

The Exceptional Webster Ropery Wedding Venue

Joshua and Ellis wanted their union to tell a story, so they picked a venue with history and character. The Webster Ropery is a unique building from the 18th century with authentic details and historical marks. The brick and stonework, along with the original open beams, created a beautiful setting with marvellous views. In other words, both the insides and outsides of the building contributed to amazing bridal photographs. And they are proof that even if you experience rain on your wedding day, you can make the most out of it!   

A Simple Yet Stunning Ceremony 

The couple did not want to go for extravagant bridal decor, so they opted for simple and subtle details. Their Webster Ropery wedding included green decorative branches, romantic candlelight, and a lovely bridal arch. The room they exchanged their vows in contributed to the romantic setting with the remarkable black and white floor, high windows, and a beautiful chandelier. Joshua and Ellis wanted an intimate affair, and the venue gave them what they desired.

The Unique Wedding Shoot with Rain

The couple did not get discouraged by the rainy wedding weather. Our photographer took their portraits on the bank of the river, which made a magnificent backdrop. They had to take umbrellas, but they still looked wonderful in their rainy wedding photos. Joshua and Ellis used the situation to perfectly contrast black and white and add some authenticity to the photographs. 

Although rain isn’t something you want for your big day, this Webster Ropery wedding proves you can easily turn it to your benefit. Joshua and Ellis fell in love with their bridal photos and had a lot of fun while creating them. Their union was an exceptional experience, and we are happy that we got a part in it! 

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