Wedding photography is about capturing the surreal moments from the day – momentous walks, sweet kisses, captivating smiles, and so much more! However, there is another layer to the day that often goes unnoticed. Here, we are talking about the items you especially curate for the big day. From save-the-date invites to rings, perfume, and flowers, many items go on to convey your unique love story and new beginnings. 

But sadly, these items don’t last forever. For example- the flowers may fade away in a day or so, and the invites may lose their colour or shine quicker than you can imagine. So, how do we keep these beautiful memories intact together? It is by including them in wedding detail photography!

We understand how meaningful these memories are for you. Therefore, we always take time to do wedding detail photos. As photographers, we are often asked by the couples what items to bring and how the process works. So, today, we are sharing our wedding details photo checklist!

Keep reading to find out all the items you need for wedding detail photography, ensuring a smooth process.

Wedding Detail Photography Checklist

A Beautiful Hanger

Couples always look for a gorgeous shot of their wedding dress or suit. Still, nothing can ruin those photos like a plastic or lower-quality hanger. We recommend upgrading to a classic wooden or a nice hanger, giving a vintage look. If you want to go the extra mile, consider buying nice hangers for your wedding party as well so we can take beautiful wedding detail photos. You can also have it customised by engraving your wedding date or your initials.


Wedding Dress

You have spent hours searching for the perfect wedding dress, so of course, you would want to have it documented well. Ensure that your dress is nicely steamed and pressed “THE DAY BEFORE!” and that it is ready for wedding detail photography. Keep it ready and nicely placed before the photographer arrives. 


Don’t forget to include two copies of the full invitation suite. It will allow your UK wedding photographer to capture the front and back in the same photo and will offer more room for creativity. If you have used any additional details such as a wax seal, envelopes, or calligraphy, have them included too. Also, don’t forget to add extra details such as RSVP cards, paper programs, menus, accommodation details, etc.


Flowers are a huge part of the celebrations and even the wedding detail photos. If possible, request your florist to include extras and deliver them during your styling sessions. It will allow your photographer a lot of time to get the perfect photos. You can even include the loose stems in a flat lay; it is a great way to tie all pieces together and make them look beautiful.

Jewellery- Wedding Rings & Bands

On the big day, have your rings ready for wedding detail photography. They are an integral part of your union, so you will want a lot of photos of them taken. Have your engagement ring, wedding band and partner’s ring ready. Also, don’t miss out on purchasing a beautiful ring box for a gorgeous shot. Having your rings cleaned a few days before the wedding will also be a good idea so they sparkle well and shine.


If you have brought a special bottle of perfume you plan to wear on the big day, include it in your wedding detail photo checklist. The gorgeous bottles make a lovely addition, and the photos will ensure you never forget what you are wearing on the big day.

Wedding detail photography


If possible, avoid wearing your shoes before the wedding day. Be very careful to keep them clean to get the best shots. This way, shots of them lying on the dress or close-ups can be taken easily. We would also suggest using a shoebox to store them carefully.

Wedding detail photography cake

Other essential, meaningful wedding details

Whether it is your family heirloom or something meaningful to you, tell your UK wedding photographer about it in advance. Don’t be afraid to bring something you have never seen in the detail shots before. These photos are for you to keep forever, and as photographers, we want to ensure we capture the items that are most valuable to you.

Tips to help your photographer get the best-detailed photos

  • Keep the detail collection ready before the wedding day. On the day of, gathering a box of items is likely to be the last thing on our minds, so prepare in advance and ensure everything goes smoothly for you as well as your UK wedding photographer. You can put your wedding party or a close family member in charge of these items and cushion in enough time so your photographer can capture them well before the ceremony.
  • Bring two copies of the full invitation suite, including envelopes, RSVP cards, and other details you want to include.
  • You can bring items from other parts of the wedding day- place cards, favours, and menus.
  • Ask the florist to share loose stems for styling.
  • Don’t forget to include a velvet ring box or silk ribbons in different colours.
  • Talk to your photographer ahead of time about how many details you would want to include and accordingly manage the expectations on how long the session would take.

Wedding detail photography

With this, we conclude the list of all the items you need for wedding detail photography. As a pro tip, put everything together in a box and have it set out by the dress before the photographer arrives. It becomes a lot easier when all the details are placed together, and they can be photographed in no time.

Are you planning to get married soon? Let’s connect to discuss your ideas and what you have envisioned for the big day! It will be our pleasure to be part of your journey and make it memorable forever!