Already started planning your special day? This is the time when you need to make all the essential bookings, from your outfit to caterer, decorator, and, most of all, your photographer. Couples often overlook different aspects of photography and make a last-minute decision. But trust us, it is a key part of the day, creating everlasting memories of a lifetime. Although it might seem like a rather easy task, it requires some research and planning. Typically, we recommend researching and considering a certain style before meeting your photographer. While it might look like an insignificant detail, it will help you determine which person will be best for the task. If you are unfamiliar with the different wedding photography styles, worry not, we’ve got you!

Below, we have compiled an extensive list of popular ideas you can explore and get inspired by.

Wedding photography styles featuring newlyweds

The Most Popular Wedding Photography Styles

  • Traditional 

If you want to give your photos a timeless and crisp look, opt for the traditional style. You may also find it as conventional, classic, or posed – a style that used to be popular until the digital era. These photographs tend to be posed and don’t contain a lot of motion. They also aren’t overly creative as they are shot at eye level. However, you can work closely with your photographer to create a shot list. Agreeing on taking the shots you like, you should rest assured they will deliver beautiful shots to keep forever.

  • Fine Art

This form of photography takes an editorial approach and focuses on adding aesthetics and drama to the shots. It is one of the most inventive wedding photography styles where your photographer creates a unique environment. From lighting framing to the backdrop for stunning photos, everything is ideally set to add an elevated feel. If you prefer choosing this photography style, you may also want to include a few traditional or candid style shots to add variety.

  • Photojournalistic

You may encounter photojournalistic as documentary-style wedding photography, as well. It‘s quite popular lately – and with a good reason! While its true definition differs from photographer to photographer, these photos immerse you in the moment as it happens in real-time. We love capturing photojournalistic shots because it allows you to see pure, authentic emotions rather than forced looks.

  • Dark & Moody

As the name implies, this wedding photo style focuses on capturing shadows and creating interesting patterns or lighting to highlight the couple. It leans into warmer, slightly more desaturated tones to create dramatic and dreamy shots. If you are planning a boho outdoor-themed affair, this photography style captures the vibe perfectly. 

  • Candid 

If you dream of receiving unfiltered moments from your special day, go for candid photography. You must look for a photographer who uses a photojournalistic style and captures moments as they unfold naturally. This is one of the wedding photography styles that focuses on capturing real moments filled with genuine and raw emotions you can treasure forever. It focuses on capturing unnoticed moments, such as a tear from parents, a heartfelt hug from a loved one, or a beautiful kiss. It is specifically suitable for couples who want more relaxed, caught-in-the-moment feelings for the big day. 

  • Editorial

As the name implies, editorial images are much more posed, feeling like they should be on the pages of fashion magazines. You can think of this style as something out of Vanity Fair. Often, many couples confuse it with a photojournalistic style. However, there are distinct differences, and its approach is less common. Photographers have perfected this style over the years and have grown their business, specialising in it. These shots suit couples who want meticulous planning with creative and artistic elements. 

  • Rustic 

This wedding photography style best suits couples looking for relaxed and genuine shots while incorporating beautiful rustic elements. It is best for country and outdoor celebrations and relies on natural backdrops, lighting and soft, romantic elements.

  • Black & White 

Including a few classic black-and-white shots is always a wonderful idea because these timeless photos never age! Why? The black and white photos add a layer of depth and heighten particularly emotional photos. Typically, your photographer will cover some black-and-white shots for your gallery. These can be created with a black and white film, or your photographer can take colour photos and convert them to black and white during editing. Be sure to chat with your photographer if this wedding photo style is important to you so they can utilise the correct gear.

  • Landscape

If you plan to marry in gorgeous settings with amazing views, why not show it off in your special day’s album? Landscape photography is a kind of wedding pictures styles which brings inspiring scenery to the forefront. So go outside, make the most of it and capture the magic of the unique settings! Just remember you need to do a location scout prior to the day. If your grand affair isn’t in a scenic spot, your photographer can look for a nearby location. Capturing shots against scenic backdrops adds extra drama to your photos, so why not explore it?

  • Vintage

Vintage-style wedding photography can be attained in several ways. One of the most common is the use of film cameras, special filters and post-production processes in the editing. During editing, you can give a vintage feel, and your photographer can do things like increasing the brown tones, adding graininess and more. In vintage photography, editing plays an important role; therefore, make sure your photographer is experienced and comfortable in this genre of photography.

With this, we conclude some of the most popular wedding photography styles. Now that you know some basic styles, you can start exploring, researching and interviewing your favourite photographers. Make sure to look at the complete portfolio on the photographer’s website to get a complete idea of their work rather than just looking at the main page. 

Planning to get married soon and looking for a professional photographer? Get in touch with us. Our team would be thrilled to help you craft beautiful, timeless memories you can treasure forever.