While most believe that opulence is impossible to attach to celebrations of love in the countryside, wait until you see this luxury barn wedding! The Wharfedale Grange is one of the most lavish Leeds wedding venues, boasting rustic glamour and an impeccable allure. David and Amani were in awe of the setting of the place and instantly decided that this was where they wanted to make their love official.

The Perfect Spot for the Perfect Day

Couples that choose to tie the knot at Wharfedale Grange get access to dedicated rooms where they can get ready for the day ahead. Not only that, but the rooms also provide an excellent opportunity to capture some of the pre-wedding excitement in photos. Once David and Amani were done getting ready, it was time to embark on the journey of a lifetime. The couple’s countryside wedding ceremony was bejewelled, featuring ambient lighting and pearls everywhere. As they exchanged promises of eternal love, the wall of fairy lights behind them gave the moment an even more magical feel. 

Celebrations of Love

After the Muslim ceremony, Amani and David walked outside as husband and wife and were showered with confetti. The couple then decided to take photos on the property, using the beautiful landscapes as the ideal backdrop. And before you know it, it was time for the reception. Their luxury barn wedding was aglow with delicate lights, contributing to the lively atmosphere. The guests were chatting and having fun, eating and drinking, and celebrating the union of this magnificent couple. 

Weddings are magical, but they can be even more so when the venue is as atmospheric as Wharfedale Grange. If you want your personal slice of magic on your wedding day, look into the options offered by this venue. Since you won’t want your magical day to be forgotten, you’ll need a photographer to get in all on camera. Be in touch, and we’ll capture it all!